Let us introduce to you: percy

Percentage Calculator

by Emanuel Imhof

Hi ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ my name is percy

percy is a small web-app helping you calculate percentages from a base weight and steps to build weight from start- to end-percentages based on that same weight. It's small, fast and looks great.

Part of the Unbrkn family now

percy was initially released in 2020 as a small side-project by yours truly and hasn't been updated since then. As a lot of people including myself still use it almost daily, we decided to give it a revamp and prepare it for further development.

We moved the project under the Unbrkn organisation and gave it a quick overhaul, preparing it for new features.

Planned features

We are working on the following features to be released this year:

  • Calculate 2-10 RMs based on a 1 RM and vice-versa

  • Register and store your 1 RMs to always have them with you

  • Import/Export your 1 RMs as Excel (CSV) including a guide to use with Wodify

All current and upcoming features will be available for free. We are working on a premium plan to support further development on our side. If you like to support the development right now, you can do this here.

We need your help

Already an avid user of percy? What feature would you like to have in the future? What really annoys you about it now?

Let us know here.
We really appreciate any feedback!

Looking forward to hearing from you and provide you with the toolsets to simplify your weight training.