Enable Evolution

Coaching and Development. From start to end. Through lows and highs. We give our best to enable your evolution.

Our Core Values

We don’t just use values to base decisions on or foster our culture internally. Our values are who and how we are for us and to everyone. Because values are not just some nice sounding, fancy but hollow words. They are the backbone for development and the core of what defines us, and helps us in doing our best job.


No matter which position or responsibility you hold, we believe that with empathy you will get further than without. Trying to understand others not only helps you communicate better and get your point across more efficiently, it will help you understand yourself and the things around you better.


We are transparent in what we do and why we do it. For a relationship to work, you need to share your feelings as best as possible and trust each other – we believe that this should be the same in business. This means that we say it how we see it, even if it’s brutally honest. But as in relationships, sometimes you need to uncover the root of a pain point so that you can fix it.


Flexibility doesn’t only mean whenever, wherever. It describes our work and our thinking. We believe that flexibility is the key to success especially given the speed of change. Being able to adapt to new situations and to change your mind is a great skill to have and enables you to strive where others break.

Doesn't matter if you are a One-Man-Show or a Fortune 500, we provide the services for you.

Business or Personal both with Empathy

. Agile Coaching

From Developer to C-Suite, we make sure your agile transformation is on track and as efficient as possible by coaching every level involved, supporting with structural & organizational changes, and offer our experience to evolve as easily as possible. This includes stepping in as Scrum Master and taking care of the day to day business of Scrum, getting the Kanban board set up and keeping it maintained, or making sure you’re SAFe rather than sorry with your ART.

. Personal, Business & Leadership Coaching

Lost in a new role? Experiencing issues in your personal or professional life? Or just want to improve yourself? Through values oriented systemic (business) coaching, certified by the Coach Academy Switzerland, we can guide you through almost anything and enable your personal evolution.

As personal as code can get

. Development of Websites & Web based Software

From simple corporate websites to full fledged Web Apps, we got a lot of experience in developing web based solutions for you and your customers. Let us enable you to conquer new markets or solidify your position where you are. Your team needs help? We are here to jump into the gaps. Our tech-stack is covering the following areas:

  • Javascript

  • React

  • Next.js

  • Ruby

  • Ruby on Rails

. SEO- / Performance Coaching

Stuck with your Websites performance? Your competition outranks you on Google? Let us help evolve your website and get your technical SEO on rank with today’s standards. SEO is not just about Crawlers and Keywords anymore, it’s more about your audience and that’s where a good dose of empathy can get you the advantage you need.


Alexandro Ladron
Founder, Agile & Personal Coach

Alexandro Ladron

“Jack of all trades, Master of Scrum”... or the Agile world in general. That said, I tend not to do things by the book but rather try to find the individual & pragmatic solution that works best in the given situation, for the person or team in question, or the facing challenge.

Emanuel Imhof
Founder, Developer & SEO Coach

Emanuel Imhof

I'm a web developer and a passionate Coach. I'm proficient in building websites and apps, and helping companies get their SEO in check. If I'm not on the laptop I'm either training for myself or coaching crossfit athletes to get their health and fitness in check as well.

Some of our customers & partners

We provide services and work together with the following companies:

Desinfecta AG: Kompetente Schädlingsbekämpfung seit 1921Institut für medizinische Lehre IML | Universität Bern